What is dBrief?

dBrief is a streamlined digital logbook for pilots operating under Part 91, and an alternative to overkill logbook software. It’s also free, and it’s accessible anywhere.

Why so special?

dBrief was designed to make logging new flights painless—with about 10 seconds, you can log a flight and see it appear on all your devices. Pilots who fly multiple flights per day can effortlessly keep a backup that’s always up to date.

Nice, but I already keep a backup!

Nice! It’s easy for you to transfer a previous log. All you need is a spreadsheet of your flights. Click here to get started.

To save you the hassle, I am always happy to transfer your existing flights over to dBrief for you.

What do I need to do?

Download the app! That’s it! (No subscriptions! No locked features! No advertisements!)